Upcoming (2017)

Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana April 22nd- July 9th, 2017

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, Arizona May – August 2017

Booth Gallery New York, New York


Scope Miami Beach with Thinkspace Gallery, Miami, Florida Nov 29 – Dec 4

Nexus, Brand Library and Art Center, Los Angeles, California Nov 5 – Jan 7, 2017

Point of Origin, Lodge Gallery, New York, New York

Recent (2016)

Solo Exhibition- Consumed, Island Weiss Gallery, New York, New York

Littletopia, LA ArtShow, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Femme to Femme Fatale, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, California

Pow!Wow! Exploring the New Contemporary Movement, Thinkspace Gallery, Honolulu Museum of Art School, Honolulu, Hawaii

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